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No BS Book Review for Adults with ADHD: Adult ADHD in Women

Updated: 5 days ago

Adult ADHD in Women. C.J. Stewart. Self published. 2024. 100 real pages and seven chapters. $14.99. Amazon Link.

The punchline: Adult ADHD in Women is short on information, difficult to read, and suffers from being self-published (lack of editing, typos, formating and content choices). Best to avoid.

Let me start by mentioning that I am open to self-published books. Sometimes the author gets it right. However, the bar needs to be higher for books written for Adults with ADHD. Although inspirational in tone, Adult ADHD in Women misses the mark. It would be easier to recommend if it was provided to you at no cost.

Some examples: Adult ADHD in Women includes 9 pages of recipes. The author included these because she has found these helpful in managing her adult ADHD. You could find this type of information easily and online (How to Feed Yourself When You Have ADHD! - Executive Function Friendly Recipes)

Lastly, Adult ADHD in Women is hard to use as a resource. It is printed like a very long paper in Word. You must go to the table of contents to find information that you need. The font throughout the book is large. The style is a conversational narrative. That usually is hard to follow when you have adult ADHD.

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