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No BS Book Review for Adults with ADHD: Thriving with Adult ADHD (Recommended)

Updated: 3 days ago

Thriving with Adult ADHD. P. Boissiere. Callisto Publishing. 2018. 137 real pages and 7 chapters. $18.99. Amazon link.

The punchline: Thriving with Adult ADHD is an easy to read and easy to use book for those living with adult ADHD. Printed using multiple colors of ink, along with easy-to-spot tips and exercises, most people with adult ADHD will find that they will be able to take and use much of the information presented. Thriving with Adult ADHD is organized around five key features of adult ADHD and is designed so that you can pull advice straight from any one of those five areas, without having to read the whole book- a major plus!

I was very happy to read Thriving with Adult ADHD. Callisto Publishing and Phil Boissiere have done an excellent job packing into one book a lot of the key tips and learnings that can help people living with Adult ADHD be more happy and more functional.

The book is organized into chapters that are core areas of adult ADHD: Attention & focus, organization and planning, mental flexibility, emotional regulation, and impulse control. Each chapter has takeaways on the last page, to save you time to decide if you want to take a deeper dive. Across these chapters, the book provides 50 tips and 38 exercises. Some tips are obvious, like getting enough food and enough sleep. Other tips ask you to probe at common ADHD problems, like forcing you to give voice to the uncertainties that keep you from making a decision.

The exercises are easy to try and can help provide insight. For example, one exercise involves simply keeping count, for a few days only, of how often you get distracted and to note if it was from your own thinking or something external. Having this information can make it a lot easier for you to target solutions.

Overall, Thriving with Adult ADHD provides a straightforward and easy way to learn more about managing adult ADHD. I highly recommend it.

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