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No BS Book Review for Adults with ADHD: ADHD & Us (Recommended)

ADHD & Us. A. Robertson. Callisto Publishing. 2020. 130 real pages and 10 chapters. $14.99. Amazon link.

The punchline: ADHD & Us addresses many of the issues and situations facing neurodiverse couples, where one of the partners has adult ADHD. The book is written for both partners, and offers 40 specific strategies, divided over 8 chapters. There are strategies for the partner with adult ADHD and strategies for the partner who does not have adult ADHD. ADHD & Us also uses multi-color ink to help you quickly pull out key information and every chapter has a takeaways page at the end. This makes it easy for you to decide whether that chapter will be helpful you to read further. Overall ADHD & Us offers a clear approach to fostering healthy relationships that are affected by adult ADHD.

I enjoyed reading ADHD & Us. So much of what made it helpful was the approach to printing the book. There is a light blue colored age prior to each chapter, so you can find your place quickly. Every chapter has a key takeaways section at the end, so you can decide if you want to dive into it further. The book offers chapter specific tools, referred to as "strategies." Some of those strategies are for the person living with adult ADHD and the other strategies are for the adult who does not have adult ADHD. They are easy to find.

An important consideration of ADHD & Us is that it explicitly orients the strategies under five pillars of a healthy relationship: Praise, acknowledgement, games, a growth mindset, and positive acceptance. The author created icons for each pillar, which are used to categorize the strategies. This way, when you choose a strategy you can tell what aspect of the relationship it is helping.

There are few books that focus on the relationships of people with adult ADHD. ADHD & Us offers a clear and useful approach for couples and is highly recommended.

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