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No BS Quick Book Review for Adults with ADHD: Your Brain's Not Broken

Your Brain's Not Broken. T Rosier. 2021. 170 real pages and 14 chapters. Revell. $17.99. Amazon Link.

The punchline: Written by the current president of the ADHD Coaches Association, Your Brain's Not Broken offers both clear information about ADHD as well as several concrete approaches to being more functional while living with ADHD. However, it is a challenging read for people living with adult ADHD.

The book is organized into 14 relatively short chapters. Like many ADHD books it provides some background about the author (who lives with ADHD) as well as about the features of ADHD. The greatest value from the book is from one of the tools that it provides. The tool involves learning to place activities into a 4x4 grid that helps clearly operationalize both obstacles and solutions. The book also provides ways of identifying patterns of thinking and feeling, to help increase insight and functionality.

However, for those of you who find book reading challenging, Your Brain's Not Broken is not designed for you to quickly understand and utilize the information in it. It seems to be written to explain the approach from this particular ADHD coach. That can be valuable, but in book form it is not easy to pull out what you need quickly.

Like many books in the adult ADHD category, this one is more valuable to people who have some features of ADHD, or for a neurotypical person who wants to better understand adult ADHD.

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