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FAA Neurocognitive Testing

Neuropsychological Assessments (CogScreen) are typically required when seeking certification as part of the HIMS program, treatment with antidepressants, and ADHD.

Aviation Neuropsychological Assessments by FAA certified clinical neuropsychologists

I am a neuropsychologist who has been certified by the FAA to conduct neuropsychological and psychological assessments. This requires meeting the standards for speciality board certification and additional training in aviation-specific topics.

These evaluations are lengthy and follow very specific guidelines. They include the review of many documents and records, a thorough interview, testing, and the completion of a detailed report. Although you are the person responsible for the cost of the assessment, these evaluations are written objectively to assist with FAA flight certification decision-making.

For ATC employment candidates, the evaluation usually involves a comprehensive interview and administration of a test of personality.


Records Review & Information Gathering

First, we identify the assessment required. Then, I need to receive a large array of records from you (FAA medical, prior military, DMV, etc.). I review those records before we meet. I might also need to talk to others providing care and evaluation (e.g., HIMS AME).

We then set up time to have a through clinical interview.


Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment (CogScreen)

Most evaluations involve administration of the CogScreen-AE-2 (CogScreen). This is a computer-administered battery designed and validated using a large sample of aviation participants.

Depending on the request, the evaluation may include other neuropsychological assessments, to get a comprehensive picture of your cognitive functioning.

We schedule a day or two to do testing. I provide you as much information as I can to help you to anticipate the process. I won't be describing the tests in detail, but I will help you be prepared and at ease.


Completing the Neuropsychological Evaluation

After reviewing your records, meeting with you, doing the neuropsychological assessment (e.g., CogScreen), scoring and interpreting the results, I write up a report that is used as part of the decision-making for granting you a flight certificate or exemption.

My Aviation Story

I Love Aviation

I've always loved aviation, but lack the temperament to be a pilot. I had a thing for building airplane models, with favorites being the F-4, F-104, B-52, and the Boeing 2707 SST. I've also gone on several intro flights on 151s and 172s, and have a curiosity about aviation accidents (books like I Learned Flying from That and Air Disasters). 

I satisfy myself playing flight simulators.  I currently fly both X-Plane and Microsoft flight simulator using a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. My flight sim experiences harken back to SubLogic's first version, played on my brother's Apple ][+.

I'm also fortunate that my office is directly across the street from SNA. Seeing the flights at sunset is a thrill.

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